Texas Nurses Association, District 9 is an organization that strives to provide forums for the exchange of ideas, viewpoints, education and dissemination of information about professional nursing and health-related legislation.


1887 1st recorded history of “professional” nursing which has been said is that provided by the Sisters of Charity at the Incarnate Word who came to Houston in 1887, to establish St. Joseph’s Infirmary.

1896 Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States & Canada organized. Name changed to Nurses Associated Alumnae of the United States.

1907 Graduate Nurses’ Association of the State of Texas organized in Fort Worth, Texas.

1908 National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses founded.

1909 Texas was accepted for membership in the Nurses Associated Almnae.

1911 Nurses Associated Alumnae of United States changed its name to American Nurses Association, with basis of membership changed from Alumnae Associations to State Nurses Associations.

1916 Houston unit of Texas Nurses Association organized as the Harris County Registered Nurses Association.

1935 A district office was opened in the Medical Arts Building. It was the 1st district office in Texas. District 9 covered 14 counties (currently 8 counties).

1964 The Texas Graduate Nurses Association changed its name to the Texas Nurses Association.